The spice
of Life

Our love for spice and flavour and our love for life.

In Louisiana, if something is THAT good, it’s worth sharing and ya’ll, this is worth sharing.

It’s more than just food, it’s soul, it’s sass. We believe in the power of good food.. Our flavour for life was born in the depths of South Louisiana where life is spirited, soulful, and the food is no different. It’s the reason our chicken is busy becoming the world’s worst kept secret.


Love that chicken from Popeyes!!! Popeyes is always a super-tasty treat, where you like spicy or mild. Red beans and rice, biscuits, or whatever other side you want, this Popeyes has it all. With different Daily Meal Deals, you can even save some money while filling your belly and delighting your taste buds.

– J.R. S

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